Marketing Dashboard

Platform: Web | Team size: 1 designer, 4 engineers

The Problem

Talus Labs was looking to create a dashboard design where small businesses could see an aggregated view of every single piece of data pulled from different online-marketing vendors and display a quick overview of the investment in one cohesive interface. This dashboard would also include data gathered from Google AdSense, Yahoo!, Bing Ads, Yellow Pages, Video platforms and other major players in the online marketing industry.

Information Architecture

I kicked off the project by creating a data universe and information architecture to clearly identify dependencies and relationships between the different clusters of data that compose a comprehensive online marketing strategy. This process helped me understand the industry and product cycles very quickly.

User Research

I continued the study by conducting user interviews. I documented my findings and created personas to generate empathy within the team and validate our use cases.

Product Life-Cycle

The product life-cycle was very complex. Buying one package required feeding into many different products provided by a variety of vendors. I identified dependencies and restrictions within each vendor for each product to improve the process end-to-end.

Concepts, Wireframes & User Testing

I put together 4 different concepts of what the dashboard could display. These concepts would go from purely data-driven to a ROI-centric models. I put these concepts up on the wall of the office to get a quick assessment of what the user could perceive from the data on the dashboard. This gave me some great insights that I used in the overall design direction.

Final Product

The dashboard showed customers their entire online marketing efforts and let them get a quick assessment of their marketing portfolio. The UI increased customer retention by 25%. For customer acquisition, we created a sample dashboard to showcase the type of data that the company was going to be able to offer, which led to a conversion increase of almost 60%.